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St. Lucia - Catching feelings, not flights

I have been dying to go to St. Lucia ever since Fredrik Eklund tried to sell those epic beach houses on MDLNY so with Damir's 30th right around the corner we felt why not celebrate appropriately on an island with a private infinity pool? Since it is quite a trek from the west coast we decided to stay in Miami a few nights to break up the 5 and 3 hour flights. Twist my arm. We stayed at The Miami Beach Edition and it was fab. I still cannot get over the smell of the diffusers in the lobby. I literally asked Damir daily if we could put them in every room of our response. Fingers crossed for a bday or Christmas gift;)

After a few spicy nights in Miami we headed to St.Lucia and it was an easy quick flight, just around 3 hours. Upon arrival, we made our way to a helicopter to take us to the resort. You can also take a shuttle but it said it would take over an hour as opposed to a 15 minute helicopter ride so we thought YOLO let's go full on Jurassic Park.

Omg you guys - this was this the coolest experience of all time. I still can't even describe how amazing. I also can't describe how I thought I was going to die on every bump but none the less wouldn't change it for the world.

Worth every panic attack

After SAFELY making it to the mountain top we had a car drive us down to the resort. Think Swiss Family Robinson meets ultra lux hotel. That is Jade Mountain. Once I knew Oprah stayed here, I knew it was going to be epic on a number of levels. It is also always on the list of top 100 hotels for good reason. Our room was breath taking, I felt like I was on my honeymoon! haha. It was huge with an infinity pool and an open shower/hot tub situation. *Please note if you are all about privacy do NOT stay here, even the bathroom is open lol* There are only three walls so you have an open air view of the Pitons and the crystal ocean below.

First night in our room - "Alexa, play Paradise by Coldplay"

View from the open air bathroom in our room

Post-morning dip lay out sesh

The next few days were spent starting the morning in the pool with bellinis and making our way down to the private beach club. Make sure when you go you go to the second area of the private beach - you literally walk down a sandy path and you will be in this private oasis straight out of Survivor (minus eating bugs to survive). They also randomly have the best burgers ever and banana ketchup (don't knock it till you try).

Private beach oasis perfection

Not only was the resort itself stunning, the staff was parallel. Each room has a dedicated butler who will literally be there within minutes of you calling them. They helped me set up a surprise sunset cruise on Damir's birthday and decorated the room with balloons and signs I brought. The sunset cruise was amazing and the captain explained to us some history about the island which was really cool. They also had a bottle of champs and light hors d'oeuvre for us to enjoy.

Lunch at their restaurant at the top of the resort - Celestial Terrace

Private sunset cruise for Damir's Birthday

It was so hard to leave this dream world. I would 1000% recommend this for a honeymoon, anniversary trip or just a nice vacation with your boo. It is adults only and does NOT have AC - we were so lucky when we went it was a nice temperature (in the 70s/80s and cooled off at night). They have two fans in your room constantly on and you get a nice breeze as well so it worked. I would just definitely make sure to check weather before booking.

Begrudgingly, we hopped back on the heli and made it to our flight to Miami - which was going to be a long haul cause we were headed straight back to LA right after. Or so we thought...after sitting on the runway upon arrival in Miami for over an hour we missed our connection. I had a showing in the morning for a property so I was in a wonderful mood as you can imagine when this occurred. Damir snagged us a last minute room at The 1 Hotel South Beach - which is also some where I've been dying to stay, so we rushed there to make the most of it and get a cold beverage and a good night's sleep. The guy at the front desk felt for us and upgraded our room too - bless him.

We woke at the crack of dawn and ending up catching the earliest flight out and I did in fact make my 11:00am showing - crisis averted.

Jade Mountain Faves: ALL the seafood was amazing, filet, peach bellini, spicy margarita, mango cocktail (their mango ANYTHING was out of this world), burger at the private beach grill, specialty naan bread at the indian fusion resort restaurant, mango parfait with house made granola, coconut nutella french toast, every single dessert (I'm not kidding, get them all)

**I will do a separate post on Miami cause it deserves its own moment IMO

Sunset from our room




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